About Us

Welcome to Buster's Buddies!


Welcome to Buster's Buddies! We're a small, family owned and operated, grooming and boarding business! We believe in making sure that your best friend(s) get a warm and welcoming environment to hangout in while you're out doing what's important to you! When you visit Buster's Buddies with your furry friend we'll make sure they, and you, have a great experience! 

Our Name


Our business is named after our loving and friendly Goldendoodle, Buster. When we watched Buster interact with other dogs and animals, we always noticed that they became one of his "buddies," and so drew inspiration from it! He's the reason we fell in love with dogs and started this business!

What you get at Buster's Buddies


We offer grooming, boarding, and daycare services! Each of our employees are just as passionate and as friendly as we are, and we all want to make sure your furry friend has a great experience here. Give us a call today to become one of Buster's Buddies!