Please welcome Isabelle Pickens, our newest team member at Buster’s Buddies Resort. Isabelle is the Head of Training at Buster’s Buddies Resort and will also be assisting in daycare and boarding.

Isabelle is very passionate in training all types of dogs. Her goal is to, “Turn a dog’s life right side up for them and their owners.” 

Along with conducting training classes, Isabelle with be hosting Buster’s Buddies Resorts Puppy Parties. Puppy Parties are for puppies from 8 to 16 weeks old. This provides them with a safe place to play with other puppies and lots of toys. It also allows time for owners to ask Isabelle questions what they can do at home for their puppy and about future training courses at Buster’s Buddies Resort.

Welcome Isabelle to our family at Buster’s Buddies Resort. 

Look for more information on future classes and our Open House so you can stop and meet Isabelle.


Please use the cheat sheet below to see where your buddy is in their development.

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